Stand Up to Hate

From Pittsburgh to Kentucky, horrifying acts of hatred have been in the headlines everyday. But New Yorkers need to confront a difficult truth: our own city is not immune from the bigotry which has afflicted so many corners of our country.

Several recent appalling hate-fueled assaults in New York City, not to mention frequent anti-Semitic and racist graffiti, serve as painful reminders of the threat of bigotry here. Since 2016, hate crimes are on the rise in our City--up 12.4%.

We need to ensure our City government is confronting this threat in a sustained and strategic fashion.  That’s why today I introduced legislation to create the City Office of Hate Crimes Prevention. This new office would coordinate among a variety of agencies to promote awareness and prevention, ensure proper investigation and prosecution of hate crimes, and monitor the impact of these heinous acts on our neighborhoods.

Will you stand with me in this fight? Sign our petition calling for the creation the New York City Office of Hate Crimes Prevention. Together we can ensure our city does everything in its power to battle the scourge of bigotry.

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